Aug 28 2012 – SOUL JELLY featuring Unko Funki / Lanford Black

Nectar Lounge SOUL JELLY featuring Unko Funki / Lanford Black Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012 8:00 PM - 12:30 AM PDT Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA   Buy the Ticket here!

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How In the World (A Juggernaut Classic) – Dan Bonow and The Knaves

One of the big hits of the Seattle Summer of Love, 1967, played and sung by its writer, Dan Bonow just last year. Brother Tim Bonow, also of the Juggernaut,…

Dan Bonow / Unko Funki – “You Are On My Mind”

Live in Seattle at The Mix, 9/11/10. One of 200 memorable songs by Dan. Stone-solid left-hand organ bass!


Dan Bonow, aka Unko Funki, blows the roof off at ToST in Seattle (Fremont ‘hood). Spare and Simple but Deadly left-hand bass on the Hammond is what drives the ship….

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